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You will read through the entire Bible one and half times in a year
This is a Bible reading programme designed to help you read through the entire Bible in a year.  If you follow this reading programme as given, by the end of the year you should have read through the Old Testament once and the New Testament twice. So we might as well say that it is designed to help you read through the bible one and half times in any given year. That is definitely a worthwhile spiritual goal to set for yourself and accomplish in a year.

It has been purposely designed to be easy and straight forward
The set reading for each day is presented on the webpage – so with a click, it opens up to you to read. There is no need to spend time looking for a Bible or flipping through the Bible to find the relevant chapters – it’s all been done for you.
The translation used in this programme is the original King James Version but you do have a choice to read from the New King James Version if you are keen on a more modern translation.

Not much time is required
If you are a fast reader, you should be able to cover each day’s reading in about 15 minutes. But for those of us who are not very fast at reading, each day’s reading will take just about 25 minutes or a little more which is still very good.
Think of it – by committing less than 30 minutes each day to reading the Bible (using this programme) you are sure to read through the entire Bible one and half times by the end of the year!

Reading is different from “Study” but it is important
Reading is different from study. A lot of Christians play down the importance of reading the word of God in preference to studying it. Study obviously has more benefits but it also requires a lot more time. However, each has its place and they are both important. Rev.1:7 says “blessed is he that readeth…” and it is obvious that that blessing is not limited to reading the book of revelation alone. Also, we are admonished several times in God’s word to study the scriptures (eg 1Tim.2:15) – so both are important.
This bible reading programme is not intended to substitute your regular study of the word of God. Create time to read with a set goal in mind and also set time apart to study the word of God regularly.

How do you put the two together?
One verse of scripture quickened by the Holy Spirit in your heart can engage you for a whole day or even a week or more as you ponder and study it. Consequently, some believers find it difficult to give much attention to reading because before they read half a chapter, they’ve gotten something to meditate on and study. But that should not interrupt your Bible reading on a daily basis.

This is how to reconcile the two: Each time you get set to read God’s word, have some writing material by your side. When a word, a statement or a revelation flags up in your spirit as you read, note it down and continue reading. Then when you are through with the day’s reading, go back to those brief notes, verses or statements that you jotted down and meditate or study them further.

Navigate Easily As You Read
The easiest way to move within the reading page and the reading box is through the use of direction keys (the page-up and page-down keys) on your keyboard.
Click within the reading box and then hold down the page-up or page-down key depending on which direction you want to go and it will move smoothly making reading very easy.
To move the entire reading page up or down, click outside the reading box and depress the page-up or page-down key depending on which direction you want to go.

Secondly, you can also use the scrollbars to move up and down within the reading box.
Simply place your cursor on the inner scrollbar (to the right). Then click and hold the left mouse button and move it up or down as you wish.
To move the entire reading page up or down, place your cursor on the outer scrollbar (to the right) and follow the same procedure.

If your mouse has a scroll roller, it’s even more fun. Just click within the reading box and scroll up or down. Or to move the entire reading page up or down, click outside the reading box and scroll.

The included NOTEPAD is to make jotting easy for you. As you read, jot down whatever ministers to you in the NOTEPAD.
When you are through, you can either enter your email address and send it to your mailbox or simply copy it, paste and save to your word document.
That way, you can have all your jottings intact and be able to refer to them whenever you wish.

Make sure you save your jotting (by sending it to your mailbox) before changing or refreshing the current page as this will automatically delete whatever is written in your NOTEPAD. For instance when you want to choose another date from the Date Picker.


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